Thursday, March 11, 2010

An HJ-112 Digital Pedometer Can Make Fitness Fun!

An HJ-112 Digital Pedometer Can Make Fitness Fun!
By Saul B Marcs

Sometimes called step counters, pedometers like the HJ-112 are easy to use and are especially good tools for getting immediate feedback on how well your fitness walking program is going. By keeping a logbook of your daily distance totals you'll see how far you've gone, how consistent you have been, and if you're anything like me, it can help keep you motivated to do even more walking. I think it's fun to see more steps on the counter in a day's time than I initially thought possible. And that's especially true when much of it comes from simply keeping up with the daily routine, where "getting exercise" was the last thing on my mind.

There are many types, sizes and styles to choose from. Most are easy to find and often inexpensive. But do keep in mind that the lower the price, so to (usually) goes the quality and accuracy of the step count. Some of the least expensive pedometers use a metal ball that trips a counter as you walk, and although that may sound ok, it can also count steps when you sit down, stand up or even fidget in your chair. If you are serious about monitoring your walking or even jogging distance, you'll need one like the Omron HJ-112 or HJ-103.

Pedometers are usually fastened to a belt, or horizontally near the waistline. Many are even quite sensitive to the exact placement on one the hip and as noted above, can be triggered by very small up and down body movements. The HJ-112 digital pedometer is quite different. It's digital technology allows it to be placed in a backpack, pocket, or on a belt like the others, but still accurately senses the steps that have been taken. It does need to be somewhat perpendicular to the ground, but is forgiving enough to still function properly, provided it isn't lying horizontally. That means it can be clipped or carried in or on just about anything you want and still get great results.

Fitness walking is a great way to feel good, stay energized and even lose weight over time. And a good pedometer is great little motivational tool to help keep you going. What better way to remove stress, stay fit and even steal a few pleasant, relaxing moments all to yourself than a refreshing stroll around the neighborhood? Or share it with a friend if you wish, but the important part is to just get out there and do it. Whether you use the HJ-112, a $5 pedometer off the local discount store's shelf, or absolutely none at all, just be sure to take a walk a few times a week. In addition to giving you some great "mind relief", it can really do the body a lot of good.


Saul B Marcs is an avid believer in plain English information on health related topics, especially those that relate to diabetes (like fitness walking). Visit our HJ-112 site for information on the many benefits a digital pedometer can offer.

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